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This article is about the Terra Nui Sharaku. You may be looking for the Kamas Nui Onu-Matoran.


Sharaku Hanak
Powers Fire, Speed
Tools Twin Fireswords
Status Alive
Location Terra Nui
Pronunciation HAH-nahk

Torika Hanak
Class Ta-Torika
Occupation Argarak's Servant
Powers Fire, Speed

Hanak is the Terra Nui Sharaku of Fire defending the Matoran on the Isle of Terra Nui.


Hanak is energetic and intelligent and usually took the position of leader among the Torika.

The Power WithinEdit

Hanak saved Chompshi's life during the Battle of Terra Nui, allowing the Torika to stay there.

The Strength UnboundEdit

Hanak was the first to become aware of the Quntaino's existence.

The Balance RebornEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Hanak was the only Torika who could read and write, as a result of Argarak's tutoring, and was the only one his master trusted to help build his inventions.




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