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"So, I'll tell you a bit more about that time in history, after all, isn't that what Turaga do?"
— Narrator, Fractured


Short Story
Series The Annals of Kemet Nui
Author(s) Toa_Ausar

Fractured is an upcoming multi-part serial prequel to The Coming of the Neţeru from The Annals of Kemet Nui Epic Series by BZPower and C.I.R.C.L.E. member Toa_Ausar. It focuses on a series of events immediately following the Fall of Āpep, particularly those concerning the former Toa Sāh of Iron, Ferohn.

A Kemet Nui TaleEdit

It's strange the things you think about when you find yourself on the cusp of finally reaching a goal that you've literally spent centuries pursuing. At the very least I find it peculiar the thoughts that enter my mind now that the most difficult part of this endeavor lies behind me. How many long decades have I spent studying texts of prophecies and the very stars themselves in hopes of illuminating the future and thereby crafting the proper team chemistry to fulfill my purpose?

Mind you, some of their names were easy to find and their whereabouts quite obvious. Take for instance the He-Matoran Haiu, the Ina-Matoran Persh, and the Pe-Matoran Nentchā. At a very early stage in this process the heavens proclaimed to me that those three were destined for something more and all are quite well known to any resident of the Fortress at Kerma Nui and even to many of those living on the far side of Ota-Wahi.

Next, and only slightly more elusive, were the identities of the Fe-Matoran Banpi, the Ki-Matoran Tahen, and the Tai-Matoran Sehem, yet with a bit of extra effort I was able to uncover them as well, bringing the total number of participants to six.

Sometime later, I fortunately encountered a few more names in a rather obscure prediction, which positioned me tantalizingly close to solving this puzzle, as I had just one more piece left to find.

Then that final part fell into place when the Ne-Matoran Ţeţ inadvertently dropped anchor near the Isle of Kush Nui. Yet, discovering all the ingredients for my design wasn't really the end of this tale, in fact, it can't even be called the beginning. No the closest thing to the beginning of this narrative was actually several millennia ago.

So, I'll tell you a bit more about that time in history, after all, isn't that what Turaga do?


Five Thousand Years Earlier...


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