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Toa Ceronox
Title Toa Hytrax of Air (Formerly), Toa Ceronox of Air
Mask Dark Green Great Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel
Tools Hytrax Blaster, Two-Handed Tornado Axe
Status Alive
Location Ceronox Nui
Pronunciation FLEHN-goo

Class Le-Matoran
Occupation Sailor
Mask Powerless Dark Green Great Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel

Flengu was the Toa Hytrax of Air until the Toa Hytrax Incident and is now the leader of the Toa Ceronox.


Early Life

Flengu was the Captain of a Cargo Ship for much of his Matoran life and enjoyed exploring the islands he made port on as a sailor. He transported anything and everything, no questions asked as long as the price was right, but later regretted it when he saw the aftermath of a small battle that he supplied the weapons for. Even though he changed his ways, he could not resist transporting a small package to the Rakile of Nynrah for a Toa for a large sum of Widgets.

When he delivered the package, the Rakile who received it asked him to open the package and Flengu found a Toa Stone. Komodro took him to be transformed and personally trained him, even teaching him the Rakile Honour Code. The two soon became good friends and Flengu was inducted into the Rakile's Legion and became a honourary member or the Rakile Army.

Flengu gained his equipment from the Nynrah Ghosts and spent most of his time helping out around the Rakile village and in some occasions, fighting alongside them. He remained there for many years when Komodro gave him a message reguarding a Lone Toa defending an Island Paradise and suggested that Flengu joined this Toa. Although Flengu was reluctant to leave his friends, Komodro pointed out that, "The duty of the strong is to protect the weak." and that Flengu should defend Matoran rather than aiding the already powerful Rakile Army.

He soon found Hytrax as Matoran from a multitude of tribes came to the island, along with five other Toa. The Toa met with Vahaki and rapidly became friends, they then formed the Toa Hytrax with Vahaki elected as their leader.

Flengu's first act as a member of the Toa Hytrax was helping to control the Rahi population that was harassing the Matoran settlers, but with Sirof on the team, this was over and done with very quickly. Soon, when other species, such as the Skakdi, Fironians, Vortixx, and members of the various castes of Stelt, began to colonize the island, the Toa had their hands full trying to organize settlements, solve disputes between individuals, and ensure peace between the various races.

The Light in the Shadows

Abilities & Traits

As Flengu was taught the Rakile Code before becoming the Toa Hytrax of Air, he almost completely disreguarded the Toa Code to the extent that he had no problems with killing dangerous individuals.

Mask & Tools


  • This character was created by BZPower and C.I.R.C.L.E. member Zahaku.
  • Flengu was actually the first one to become a Toa compared to his fellow Toa Hytrax.


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