"How did you survive?"
"There are beasts of the sea immune to any venom, and I am as well, if I choose.
Barraki Mantax and Toa Mahri Hahli, Prisoners of the Pit

Set Kanohi Faxon
Title Mask of Kindred
Powers Duplicating Rahi Abilities
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Firum, Hahli, Lasi (Formerly), Lesovikk, Zåhåku
Pronunciation FACKS-on

The Kanohi Faxon is the Mask of Kindred. The Great version allows its' user to mimic the powers of Rahi that share their general environment, whereas the Noble version grants its' user the ability to copy the powers of Rahi that share their specific environment, for example, only desert Rahi as opposed to all land Rahi.

Example UsageEdit

Hahli used her Great Kanohi Faxon to replicate a sea creature's hypnotic ability in order to lull a Giant Squid to sleep in Prisoners of the Pit.







Picture Description
Set Kanohi Faxon A normal Great Kanohi Faxon
Faxon Hahli's Great Kanohi Faxon, altered by the Kanohi Ignika.


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