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Title Toa Vuata Maca of Sonics
Mask Dark Gray Great Kanohi Unknown, Mask of Unknown
Tools Sonic Whip
Status Deceased
Pronunciation DEH-zihl

Dezil was one of the first few Toa brought into existence and became the Toa Vuata Maca of Sonics on the Isle of Vuata Maca.


Quest To Become A LegendEdit

In the year 98,720 B.G.C., Toa Dezil helped to drive away a fleet of invading Zyglak from the island alongside Toa Jovan and another Toa.

The next day, Turaga Fremya called together the Matoran of Vuata Maca to announce his decision to create six new Toa to defend the island from the multiple hostile forces that sought to destroy their way of life. The Po-Matoran swordsman Tyru was chosen alongside the Fe-Matoran engineer Orzink, the famed Ga-Matoran surfer Lakous, the Ba-Matoran guardsman Nix, the Hi-Matoran carver Nikila, and the Le-Matoran gardener Lesovikk.

Shortly before the Toa Mata were awakened, the six new heroes were trained by Dezil and Pyril, Toa of Fire, and the eight became the First Toa Team, a group known as the Toa Vuata Maca. They protected their home island from external threats, as well as assisting the Matoran in their day to day tasks. Nikila displayed a prowess in strategies and tactics, and was made tactical leader of team, under Lesovikk's overall command. She and Lesovikk grew to be close friends over the course of their hardships.

One day, more than six-thousand years later, while patrolling the Isle of Zera Nui, south of their homeland, the Toa Vuata Maca were ambushed by a band of Zyglak in the dense overgrowth. Lesovikk failed to react in time, and the Zyglak slaughtered Dezil and the majority of the rest of their team. Toa Nix was horribly injured, yet he was shielded from further injury by the body of Toa Dezil beneath the underbrush. When Lesovikk performed the Ritual of Conservation, Nix's mask and body were absent because Lesovikk was unable to find them.

Withering SoulEdit

Dreams of DestructionEdit

When Lesovikk attempted an ambush on Karzahni, the insane ruler used his Kanohi Olisi to show Lesovikk a vision of the day Dezil and his other teammates had battled against the Zyglak, which had accidentally been replaced by a sentient acid cloud instead. In the vision, however, Lesovikk managed to react in time, and saved his team. Enthralled by seeing them again, he completely forgot about Karzahni and Mahri Nui.

Though only minutes passed in reality, Lesovikk spent many years within the illusion with his comrades. However, when Nikila mentioned going on patrol to battle Zyglak, Lesovikk remembered that his team had died battling from Zyglak, and not an acid cloud. As a result, he saw through the illusion and the vision, including Dezil, dissolved.

The Legend ReturnsEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Mask & ToolEdit



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