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Title Mask of Depigmentation
Powers Loss of Pigmentation
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Eish
Pronunciation DEHT-yoo

The Kanohi Detyu is the Mask of Depigmentation. It grants the user the ability to block surrounding objects' normal pigments caused by their being struck by light. This effect covers a given area dependent upon the willpower of the user and inevitably causes all objects to become colorless, thus inducing confusion in the mask user's opponents, whose armor will also become colorless. The wielder of a Kanohi Detyu can temporarily block these pigments, but does not destroy them and if the concentration of the user is shattered, then any pigments they were blocking will appear just as they normally would.

Example UsageEdit

Makuta Eish used her Detyu to peel the color away from her surroundings to confuse the Toa of Doppel Nui so she could blend in and attack with stealth in Double: The Final Game.







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