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Turaga Cyhuku
Turaga Sāh
Mask White Noble Kanohi Sonterah, Mask of Emulation
Tools Animation Staff
Status Alive
Location Ceronox Nui
Pronunciation SIGH-hoo-koo

Toa Sāh
Title Toa Sāh of Crystal
Mask White Great Kanohi Sonterah, Mask of Emulation
Tools Crystalline Claymore

Class Ki-Matoran
Occupation Miner
Mask Powerless White Noble Kanohi Sonterah, Mask of Emulation

Cyhuku is the elder of the Isle of Ceronox Nui and a Turaga of Crystal.


Early Life

Cyhuku was once a Ki-Matoran Miner on the westernmost Twin of Azutra Nui. He was summoned to the Island City of Metru Nui, along with nine other Matoran.

Metru Nui

Cyhuku was transformed into the Toa Sāh of Crystal at the Great Temple.


Toa Cyhuku felt that following Āpep's defeat he was called by the Great Spirit to another dome and he eventually settled in Ceronox Nui.

The Light in the Shadows

Cyhuku, like Turaga Zarik before him, had a tendency to ask Toa that appeared on the island to leave and explore the universe beyond, in order to find others to protect.

Abilities & Traits

Cyhuku was once the flashy and charismatic Toa Sāh of Crystal.

Mask & Tools

Cyhuku wore the Kanohi Sonterah, Great Mask of Emulation, which allowed him to analyze and copy another sapient being's powers temporarily, although the duplication occured at a slow rate.

Cyhuku is now a Turaga Sāh who carries an Animation Staff, that allows him to gain control over inanimate objects, as a Badge of Office, and wears the Kanohi Sonterah, Noble Mask of Emulation, which allows him to analyze and copy another sapient being's powers very briefly, although the duplication occurs at an extremely slow rate.



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