"Krika triggered his mask power. The Kanohi Crast, or Mask of Repulsion, sent Gorast hurtling away from him at high speed. She smashed into a nearby stalactite with a sickening thud and hit the mud, dazed."
— Narrator, Swamp of Secrets

Kanohi Mask of Repulsion
Title Mask of Repulsion
Powers Repulsion
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Krika (Formerly), Nuphol
Pronunciation KRAST

The Kanohi Crast is the Mask of Repulsion. It allows its' user to repel other objects for offense or defense; the target cannot touch the user, and is flung away with considerable force. The user can also achieve limited flight by repelling the ground.

Example UsageEdit

Krika used his Kanohi Crast to repel Gorast, sending her into a stalactite in Swamp of Secrets.




  • Nuphol - Formerly; became Great when he was transformed into a Toa Mia.




  • Toa would not typically wear this mask, as it repels nature itself via its' power.

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