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"You are a Toa Noviris, among the most powerful races in this Universe. I have been granted powers by the Great Beings themselves. No Makuta would stand a chance against us."
— Capko to Sephra, Late Dawns: Iaja's Legacy

Order of Mata Nui
Powers Lightning, Strength
Mask Black Great Kanohi Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision
Tools Bracers, Axe
Status Alive
Pronunciation CAP-koh

Capko is an Order of Mata Nui agent with shady origins and of a yet unknown race. He is the leader of the Order of Mata Nui's sub-section known only as Sector 10.


Capko is a being of unknown origin, supposedly from a planet beyond the Matoran Universe. He is the leader of Sector 10, and specializes in cases related to the Gikk Maha and the Fellowship of the Makers.


Although the past of Capko is largely unknown, it is believed that he has existed since before the creation of the Matoran Universe, making him one of its' oldest known residents.

Sector 10

Shortly after the creation of the Order of Mata Nui, Capko joined to protect the Matoran Universe from the threat of the Gikk Maha becoming active. He was an invaluable member because of his ability to sense the energy pulses of the Gikk Maha, and quickly moved up in the ranks and founded Sector 10.

After the discovery that the Gikk Maha sympathized with the Semi-Matoran, Capko focused his energies on the Fellowship of the Makers by capturing the Makers themselves.


Part of Capko's efforts included the destruction of Onurak Nui and all its' inhabitants. Sector 10 burned the island to the ground, killing all but a small, scattered group of Onuka.

Blood Brothers

Early Sunsets

Late Dawns

Abilities & Traits

Capko is a very tall and well-built being. He stands about twice as tall as a Toa and has the strength of five combined. Capko holds the ability to utilize Kanohi and a non-elemental control over Lightning.

Mask & Tools

Capko wears a jet black Great Kanohi Akaku, which allows him to see through objects. It is unknown whether he has ever used any other mask.

Capko is a highly-trained martial artist, and as such rarely resorts to the use of weapons. He is known to wear bracers most of the time, and occasionally carry a large axe into battle if it is necessary.



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