"Oh, how did you learn to do that move?"
"It's the mask--lets me do things others can't.
Hakann and Jaller, Showdown

Title Mask of Fate
Powers Lets User Perform at Their Physical Peak
Disk(s) Disk of Fate
User(s) Haiu (Formerly),
Jaller (Formerly), Rokahn, Shalec, Vahro
Pronunciation KAY-lihks

The Kanohi Calix is the Mask of Fate. It allows its' user to perform at the absolute peak of their natural physical abilities, such as seemingly impossible leaps, dodges, flips, etc., so that they move and react better than almost any unenhanced member of their species. This mask is one of the few to have Elemental Powers, although it will not boost the user's powers if they already have fate abilities.

Example UsageEdit

Calix Dodging

A Great Kanohi Calix in action.

Jaller used his Kanohi Calix to save Hahli from falling into lava by performing a near-impossible leap over a chasm to catch her in Power Play.






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