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Matoran Eek
Eek, a former Cai-Matoran.
Element Acid
Preferred Regions Deax Nui

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Pronunciation KIGH-maa-TOHR-uhn

The Cai-Matoran are the Matoran of Acid on the planet of Murtua and beyond.

Abilities & Traits

Cai-Matoran have inactive Acid Powers, which are activated upon becoming Toa of Murtua. Within the Matoran, the power manifests itself by allowing them to age at a slower rate than most others, as well as having a fair resistance to acidic and basic substances.

Cai-Matoran are generally mordacious, sour, and trenchant.

Physical attributes of Cai-Matoran include black and green armor.


Cai-Matoran are primarily found in Deax Nui's Le-Wahi.


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