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"It is said that the Bohrok sleep an eternal sleep, waiting to hatch.
Once awakened, the swarms are unstoppable... a force so powerful, they can
reduce mountains to rubble and turn life-giving rivers dry as the desert sands!
Vakama, The Bohrok Awake

Comic Bohrok
Headquarters Bohrok Nests below Mata Nui, Metru Nui, & Terra Nui
Leader(s) Bahrag
Status Mostly Dormant
Goal Level the Isle of Mata Nui, Unknown
Allies Bahrag, Bohrok Va,
Toa Nuva, Toa Terra, Terra Nui Sharaku
Enemies Toa Mata (Formerly), Kardas Dragon (Formerly), The Dark Lord's Team (Formerly), Quntaino
Pronunciation BOH-rahk

Bohrok are insectoid automatons whose main purpose was to clean all matter from the Isle of Mata Nui. This mission's purpose is to ensure that the camouflage of Flora on Mata Nui's face is gone in preparation for him returning to an upright position.

Initially awakened early by Makuta Teridax, the Bohrok swarms were defeated by the Toa Mata when the Toa trapped the Bohrok's twin Bahrag queens in a Cage of Solid Protodermis. The swarms were reawakened by the Toa Nuva to resume their quest of destruction, and have since gone back to sleep when their mission was completed.


Promo Art Bohrok

The Bohrok swarms awakening.

When creating the Av-Matoran, the Great Beings destined a percentage of them to transform into the mechanical Bohrok at a certain point of their lives. Basing the Bohrok off their previous creations, the Baterra, the Great Beings designed the Bohrok to clear away Mata Nui's camouflage once he was ready to depart a world. Once the transformation is complete, they are then teleported to the Bohrok Nests to be fitted with Krana.

It is known that the Brotherhood of Makuta knew about Bohrok very well: the Brotherhood commissioned the construction of Exo-Toa armor as a failsafe against a possible Bohrok rampage, and the Brotherhood also ordered the Nynrah Ghosts to construct replicas of Bohrok to aid them in their conquest of the universe.

The first recorded encounter between Bohrok and Matoran occurred beneath Metru Nui, when a group of Lightstone Miners broke into a Bohrok Nest below Onu-Metru by accident. Inside they discovered the word "Bohrok" carved into the wall. Several were immediately shipped to the Archives, where archivists quickly discovered that the Bohrok were inorganic and that the dormant Krana inside each Bohrok were fully organic and alive. The Bohrok showed no evidence of having ever been built. An archivist named Mavrah hypothesized that the Bohrok were once biomechanical beings that had somehow evolved to become unthinking machines driven by organic brains. However, this theory was lost over time.


During the return trip from Mata Nui to Metru Nui, the Toa Metru encountered some Bohrok; these Bohrok were controlled not by Krana, but worms that had been captured by Teridax, and subsequently escaped their confinement.

Tahnok Stampede

A stampede of Tahnok.

Beware the Bohrok

A thousand years later, after his initial defeat by the Toa Mata, Teridax sent a beacon to wake the primary Bohrok swarms. As planned, the Bohrok immediately made for the surface of the Isle of Mata Nui, and began the Bohrok Invasion. The Toa Mata battled the swarms, collecting each breed of Krana and tracking their menace to the underground lair of the Bahrag, twin queens of the Bohrok. After the defeat and imprisonment of the Bahrag, the Matoran reprogrammed the Bohrok without their Krana, to aid in rebuilding the villages they had destroyed. However, all the Bohrok and their smaller helpers, the Bohrok Va, returned to the nests when the Bahrag were on the verge of being freed by the Bohrok-Kal.

Toa Mata in Bohrok Lair

The Toa Mata explore the Bohrok Lair in the Mata Nui underground.

About a month or two later, following directives listed on a scroll in the Great Temple, the Toa Nuva returned to the Bahrag's lair and freed the queens, who proceeded to re-awaken the swarms to resume their mission of devastation. This time, the Bohrok proceeded without interference, except for a new arrival, the Kardas Dragon, which destroyed several Bohrok before being badly injured by the swarms. With no further hindrance, the Bohrok quickly finished their task and promptly returned to their nests to go back to sleep.

Destiny War

During the Siege of Metru Nui led by the Brotherhood of Makuta, the small group of Bohrok in the Archives were awakened by Toa Krakua, using his Sonics powers. The group then emerged onto the surface of Ta-Metru, where they were locked in combat with an invading group of Rahkshi, which were barricading their way to Mata Nui. The Bohrok eventually won the battle and promptly left in order to fulfill their programming by cleansing Mata Nui.

Terra Nui

The Aquavak and Necrovak are two unique breeds of Bohrok found on the Isle of Terra Nui and virtually no where else in the Matoran Universe.

The Kingdom

In The Kingdom Alternate Universe, the Bohrok were re-awoken on the island of Mata Nui after the Great Spirit died. As they no longer had a reason to perform their island-cleaning task, they instead worked side by side with Matoran.

Abilities & Traits


The symbol of the Bohrok.

Bohrok are insectoid, non-living, automaton entities which normally function under the control of a Krana, which follow telepathic commands by the Bahrag queens. Krana are regarded as the Bohrok's greatest strength, as it allows them to assimilate others into the swarm, but also their greatest weakness, since removing the Krana renders the robotic Bohrok dysfunctional and thus helpless, although the Matoran of Mata Nui were able to modify the Bohrok to obey simple commands.

Bohrok possess extendable necks that allow them to thrust their heads forward over a great range in a short time. They use this ability to chip away at obstacles in a jackhammer-like fashion, and as a last resort, to fling their Krana onto the faces of attackers.

For travel, the Bohrok can compress their bodies into a spherical form, a form they also take while lying dormant inside the Bohrok nest. In this form they can roll across the ground via high-velocity spherical locomotion and, when fitted with Krana Vu, even fly short distances.

If faced with an obstacle too great for individual members to overcome, Bohrok have the ability to form Bohrok Kaita, which pools the attributes of the three individual Bohrok into one more powerful being.


There are eight known types of Bohrok:

Each breed can channel their specific element or power through a pair of shields which every Bohrok carries. The eight known breeds each approach their mission in different ways and are aided by corresponding Bohrok Va.

There are believed to be at least four other types of Bohrok:

These four breeds are presumed to exist due to the presence of their corresponding Bohrok-Kal and Bohrok Va-Kal.


"It is said the Bohrok sleep an eternal sleep, waiting to hatch. Once awakened, the swarms are unstoppable. They are a force so powerful, they can reduce mountains to rubble and turn life-giving rivers dry as the desert sands. The Bohrok swarm won't stop - not until all that is known of Mata Nui is gone.
Their strength goes beyond their powerful exterior; it is hard to see and well protected. It is the Krana, the creature within. But Krana are also their greatest weakness for even the mightiest Bohrok can be humbled, if parted from their Krana.


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