"Vamprah wears the Mask of Hunger... he doesn't need to come near you to destroy you."
Gavla, Realm of Fear

Title Mask of Hunger
Powers Drains Energy, Light, or Positive Emotions
Disk(s) Disk of Hunger
User(s) Aso, Rehkit (Formerly), Vahkuax (Formerly),
Vamprah (Formerly)
Pronunciation AHV-sah

The Kanohi Avsa is the Mask of Hunger. It allows its' user to drain Light, energy, or positive emotions from a target at a distance. The user will absorb the energy removed from their target. This mask can be used to make lightless beings such as Shadow Matoran. The Kanohi Avsa automatically places a psychological barrier in its' victims that keeps their light from returning, however the light drain must be complete before the barrier is set. The power scream of a Klakk can reverse this by breaking the barrier. This mask is one of the few to have Elemental Powers, although it will not boost the user's powers if they already have hunger abilities.

Example UsagesEdit

Avsa In Use

Kopaka's energy being drained by a Kanohi Avsa.







Picture Description
Kanohi Avsa Small A Great Kanohi Avsa
Gavla's kanohi A Noble Kanohi Avsa


  • Toa wouldn't typically wear this mask, as they feel its' power is immoral.

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