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This article is about the "Scourge of Punt Nui". You may be looking for
the Dark Hunter codenamed "Scourge", the Eruo Species nicknamed "The Scourge", or the "Scourge of Kemet Nui".

"Say goodbye to the light, you fools, because it's the last time you'll ever see it."
— Aso, The Balance Reborn

Powers Chain Lightning, Chameleon, Cyclone, Darkness, Disintegration, Dodge, Elasticity, Fear, Gravity,
Heat Vision, Ice Resistance,
Limited Invulnerability,
Mind Reading, Magnetism, Plant Control, Plasma,
Poison, Power Scream,
Rahi Control, Shadow, Shape-Shifting, Sleep, Telepathy, Teleportation
Mask Black Great Kanohi Avsa, Mask of Hunger
Tools Claws, Long Staff of Rank
Status Imprisoned
Location Kemet Nui
Pronunciation AZ-oh

Aso is the self-proclaimed Åtukåm known as the "Scourge of the Isle of Punt Nui" and the loyal consort of the ruler of the Beţshu.


For countless millennia the Matoran population have believed Aso to be the Makuta of the Dome of Kemet Nui when, in actuality, she is Āpep's mate and Queen of the Beţshu. Over that period of time she has maintained a stranglehold on the Isle of Punt Nui and the rest of the southern region of the dome, ruling from her Citadel with an iron claw.


Aso in her titan form.

Little else is known about what she is or what her motives may be, although if the unsuspecting population knew of her connection to Āpep, it would quite obviously be assumed that her wishes are in line with those of her imprisoned consort.


The Coming of the Neţeru

The Treatise of Åuset and Åusår

The Strength Unbound

The Balance Reborn

Abilities & Traits

Mask & Tools

Aso wears a Kanohi Avsa, the Great Mask of Hunger, which allows her to drain Light, energy, or positive emotions from any target at a distance. She can then absorb the energy removed from the target. Her mask is also capable of making Lightless beings, such as Shadow Matoran. The Kanohi Avsa automatically places a psychological barrier within its' victims that keeps their Light from returning, although the Light drain must be complete before the barrier can be set.



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