"Jaller tried using his mask to dodge the chunks, only to find that he was suddenly hearing sounds bouncing off nearby objects."
— Narrator, Prisoners of the Pit

Title Mask of Sonar
Powers Echolocation
Disk(s) Unknown
User(s) Bakovu (Formerly), Jaller, Layef, Narok, Nebt-het, Tenrah (Formerly),
Zaathu (Formerly)
Pronunciation AHR-thrahn

The Kanohi Arthron is the Mask of Sonar. It allows its' user to sense the movement and positions of targets through echolocation. The wearer can also use this mask to examine their surroundings in darkness. This mask is one of the few that can detect an invisible target, such as a Kanohi Huna-user. As with real sonar, it identifies the general shape and movement of its' target, but does not provide details. A Kanohi Arthron is always on at a low level.

Example Usage

Jaller's Mask of Sonar detected the Piraka in "The Cord", but he was unable to recognize them until they attacked in Downfall.




Kraahua Arthron

A powerless Kanohi Arthron worn by Kraahua.



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